The registration has been finished.

Read the requirements before starting registration

Registration for High School participants

Registration requirements

Before starting the registration process please be sure that you have all the necessary documents at hand.

  • As the places for this event are limited, only selected participants will have the chance to participate.

  • Required documents for student (bachelor, master, resident) registration are:

  • 1. GPA (grade point average) confirming document (this document is obligatory but not decisive)
  • 2. Professional Certificates
  • 3. List of Publications
  • 4. Motivation Letter

    Required documents for PhD student registration are:

  • 1. Professional Certificates
  • 2. List of Publications

Required document for non student registration is the bibliography of the recent publications (previous 3 years).

Deadline and registration fee:

  • Deadline for early registration: February 29
  • Registration fee for local participants is FREE OF CHARGE till February 29
  • Registration fee for foreign applicants: EUR70
  • Registration fee after February 29 for local participants: EUR20, for international participants: EUR90
  • Deadline for late registration: March 23
  • Deadline for high school participants is unlimited
  • Payment deadline: March 25

Registration fee includes:

  • 1. Access to the public and specialized lectures on 12-14 April.
  • 2. Coffee breaks and lunch
  • 3. City tour in Yerevan on Monday

Every participant has the chance to attend Gala Dinner. The fee for Gala dinner is EUR40 till February 29

The fee for Gala dinner after the early deadline is EUR60

Additional payment is possible on the spot

In case you would like to take part in the social program, there is additional fee.