Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi has the unique chance to organize “Nobel Days in Yerevan” scientific event on 11-16 April 2016 and to simultaneously host five Nobel Laureates under one roof.

Three days on a row they will deliver public and specialized lectures aimed at discoveries put forward by Nobel Laureates, as well as their scientific achievements and exclusive successes. It is an unprecedented opportunity to see and hear what has changed the world and what has become worth sharing the Nobel heritage.

This is also a scientific dialog and an opportunity of a one-on-one conversation between individuals carrying various cultures and traditions and representing different scientific schools.

The following lectures will be delivered by the Nobel Laureates:
Aaron Ciechanover Nobel Prize: Chemistry Specialized lecture: “The Ubiquitin System for Intracellular Proteolysis: From Basic Mechanisms through Human Diseases and on to Drug Targeting”
Public lecture: “The Revolution of Personalized Medicine: Are We Going to Cure All Diseases and at What Price?”
Ada E.Yonath Nobel Prize: Chemistry Specialized lecture: “Species-specific Antibiotics and Microbiome Preservation”
Public lecture: “From Basic Science to Advances in Contemporary Medicine”
Dan Shechtman Nobel Prize: Chemistry Specialized lecture: “Quasi-Periodic Crystals, a Paradigm Shift in Crystallography”
Public lecture: “Fostering Scientific Education”
John Robin Warren Nobel Prize: Physiology or Medicine Specialized lecture: “Discovering Helicobacter”
Ei-ichi Negishi Nobel Prize: Chemistry Specialized lecture: “Transition Metal Catalysis for a Sustainable and Prosperous World”
Public lecture: “Pursuit of My Dreams for Half-a-Century”


The participation is competitive.

You should visit the official event webpage and register online.

The selection is made based on the Graduate Point Average (for students), scientific interests, the content of published works and the motivation letter. The selection results will be announced via email. You will receive a notification on the details of your participation before March 20.


Anyone who has scientific interests irrespective of activity field, age, nationality, religion and residence can take part.


Deadline for early registration: February 29

Participaion for local participants is FREE OF CHARGE

Participation fee for foreign applicants: EUR70

Participation fee after February 29 for local participants: EUR20, for international participants: EUR90

Deadline for late registration: March 23

Payment deadline: March 25


Event Language: English (with simultaneous Armenian translation)

Gala Dinner costs EUR40


Big Hall, Administrative Building

Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

#2 Koryun str, Yerevan, Armenia


“Nobel Days in Yerevan” Organizing Committee

Yerevan State Medical University after M. Heratsi

#2 Koryun str, Yerevan, Armenia

Tel: (+374 60) 621221, (+374 60) 621223